Magic Band Plus

Mermaid Magic Band Plus


Normalna cena 9.99
Magic Band Plus
Mermaid magic band plus
Pink Mermaid Magic Band Plus
Mermaid skin for magic band plus
Glitter mermaid magic band plus, disney magic band
disney magic band plus
pink mermaid skin
magic band plus disneyland
disney magic band plus mermaid pink wrap

Glitter sticker made for Magic Band Plus

The stickers are waterproof and the glitter is protected against scattering.
Glitter glitters even more than in the picture

If you are interested in a different set, write to us!

For good and firm adhesion of the sticker, we recommend pressing it firmly and leaving it for 24 hours

Be sure to share photos on Social Media & tag us @maniliashop for a chance to be featured on our social media pages!

This product is designed to be compatible with the Magic Band by © Disney. Neither ManiliaShop nor this product are provided, endorsed, sponsored by, or affiliated with © Disney. © Disney is a trademark of © Disney.

Dispatch within 2-5 working days. 
Delivery time 7-21 working days. 


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