Monarch Butterfly


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Monarch orange butterfly shoe clip
Monarch butterfly wedding shoe clips
Monarch butterfly shoe clip
butterfly shoe clip, wedding shoe accessories
bridesmaids shoe clip, wedding shoe
bridal shoe clips, glitter butterfly shoe clip
monarch butterfly shoe, wedding accessories
orange butterfly shoe clip
 Butterflies - shoe clips - handmade painted

Decorate all your shoes, sneakers, flip flops and sandals!
Stand out!

Clips made of natural leather and brocade are fastened with a special, comfortable and easy to use fastener that does not damage the shoe and holds it tight.
The dimensions of the clips in the photo are 6 cm x 7 cm

The price applies to a pair!
A great idea for a souvenir or gift!

Just tie us to shoes and change the style of shoes in a few seconds! Treat us nicely, we are hand made of leather and glitter :)

I offer services all over the world, I also do custom orders. Please contact me if you would like to have a new or changed one of my projects; or have questions about sizes or colors or international shipping.

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