About Us

ManiliaShop creates and sells its own products. We are open to your ideas and suggestions. We are happy to make products according to your ideas, which will be perfectly tailored to your needs We believe that the objects that surround us have a significant impact on our mood, so we should choose those that produce pleasant associations and a smile on our face.
Aesthetics and precision are extremely important element to create. It is equally important for us, however, to ensure that our products are made from high quality materials. We would like our products to accompany you for a long time, which is why we choose the best materials for our products. Constantly looking for new ideas, we study, we acquire experience to surprise you with our ingenuity, practicality and uniqueness.
Created with passion, love and commitment. All of our products we sew by hand, we pay attention to every detail. In our products we put a lot of heart and we give them enough time and attention, as needed, to create a unique and refined in every detail. We hope that our "small works" will become your favorites. Each made our product gives us great joy.
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